Strategies of Communication on Climate Change

Thursday, May 30, 2013

The wrong side of democracy

Here are the results of an opinion poll on the "Telegraph" on whether humans are responsible for climate change.

Now, imagine that they had asked whether gravity is responsible for keeping our feet stuck to the ground......

(h/t Leo Hickman for the link and Daniela Green for the cat picture)


  1. Nice touch spelling Quick wrong also.
    We have the tools and knowledge to transcend stupidity and ignorance, but Maximum Power Principle is so far alot stronger than the Precautionary Principle. I expect we won't fully value ecosystems until they are gone...

  2. When most of a society is stupid then the prevalence of jerk becomes dominant and incurable. Carlo Maria Cipolla

    I fear the coming true of the word of Cipolla while struggling because this does not happen.


    54.36% voted for "its a natural phenomenon" and only 17.1% voted for "yes completely". The political party for "natural phenomenon" wins (no recount is necessary and the electoral commission has already certified the result and even Jimmy Carter says it was a free and fair election) and the Prime Minister will henceforth implement all the appropriate policies ! End of Story. (until the whole sorry story definitely ENDS)

  4. It's the Telegraph, what did you expect from its readers?

  5. It used to be the case that the majority of professional middle / higher socio economic 'career' class in England (leaving out those other places in UK) took the Daily Telegraph. I wonder if it still is?