Strategies of Communication on Climate Change

Monday, August 12, 2013

Fox News



  1. .....Seven ways or TRICKS by means of which the mainstream corporate media DECEIVES.


    1. Selecting some issues / topics for discussion / presentation and not others

    2. FRAMING issues in a particular manner (e.g. the above excellent example)

    3. Bounding issues (what "appropriately" can be discussed and what cannot be and is generally taboo and "out of bounds")

    4. Narratives (crafting a particular narrative or story line and not
    others that are more truthful or complete or better contextualized)

    5. Process errors in presenting sequences of arguments and facts (i.e. illogical or mistaken arguments and factoids)

    6. Content errors (peppering the story with deliberate factual lies or mistakes or misrepresentations)

    7. Cultural insinuations (the message is wrong or not acceptable because the messenger's identity is not like "ours")

    Through the above 7 methods or Tricks the mainstream media implements its seven D's of : 1) Denying, 2. Delaying, 3. Deflecting, 4. Dissembling, 5. Distorting, 6. Deluding and 7. Deceiving about content, stories and conveyed messages and (importantly) the conclusions an audience tacitly will be led towards, and will draw and be left with. (often unawares)

    And the corporate media typically does this in favor of the Seven Biggies: 1. Big Finance and Banking; 2. Big Oil and Coal; 3. Big Military-Industrial Complex: 4 Big Food (agro-industry) 5) Big Pharma and other Big Industries (this varies by country) 6. Big Secrecy 7. Big Ideology (i.e. Big Media itself and parts of Big Academia and aspects of mainstream religions).

    So to figure out how the public (namely US) is being DECEIVED it's actually quite EASY ! Just multiply 7 times 7 times 7 and there are 343 ways to get it wrong and come to the wrong conclusions c/o the mainstream media. And most of the time one will not even know how or why it even happened.

    But at least the above visual example is CRYSTAL CLEAR. (but unfortunately it's only one out of 343 ways to "get it wrong" ! )

    The final overall conclusion? Don't Worry, BE HAPPY ! (BIG Brother is taking really good care of you)

    1. Does the media sometimes do old "magic tricks" like this one too? (hint: context and "the whole" do matter )

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