Strategies of Communication on Climate Change

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

The beauty of propaganda - II

My Russian friends told me that, in Soviet times, they didn't believe their newspapers but they had no other sources of information. In our times, we  believe our newspapers even though we have plenty of other sources of information (see "the arctic ice disaster" and "the beauty of propaganda")


Comment from 

"The Pause?". . .Man that's a good one! Why would one in the scientific community go to the world with that kind of excuse? Oh I know, Like the time your grade school teacher asked you for your homework and your response was that your dog ate it. "Global Warming!" . . . shouted from the hilltops and billions wasted on a hypothesis that is traveling the digestive track of poor "Fido" only to later realize the truth of the matter finding itself in the proverbial front yard as a big pile of steaming poo! Now is the time for you to blame the dog again by trying to rub his nose in it. Looks like the evidence is stacked up against you by 60% ! HAHAHA Don't worry, one day your grand children will be able to look back on this and laugh at you !

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