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Saturday, June 22, 2013

The world as a pressure cooker

A simple and effective statement from George Mobus' blog: "Question Everything
(image from xkcd)

"I'm seeing the world as a pressure cooker or boiler that has been overheated. Some of the bolts that hold the thing together are starting to buckle and the gaskets are starting to leak. Think of all the areas of the world where steam is bursting forth. Actually try to think of a part of the world where that isn't happening. It is a shorter list these days."

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  1. A small sampling of some of the more recent "gaskets that are starting to leak" can be viewed at the links below:

    Severely leaking gaskets have been sighted in:

    1) Northern India:

    2) Calgary, Canada:

    3) Geneva, Switzerland:

    4) South Island, New Zealand:

    5) Passau, Germany:

    But then there are of course also the many other places where "steam is bursting forth" as fire crews in helicopters desperately try to douse out various major fires with water.

    And meanwhile "back at the happy G-8 ranch" in Northern Ireland (protected by a gazillion police and a huge exclusion zone) (sorry, no leaky gasket boats or any other sorts of boats either are allowed in) :

    (we definitely all absolutely love inclusion and inclusiveness but please, not everywhere and not all of the time !)

    The key items being discussed were: "Transparency", Trade and Taxes. (and presumably how to increase all three though perhaps not too much of the first) (no point "going overboard")

    Climate change and leaky gaskets anyone?

    Maybe later. (much later)

    First things first !