Strategies of Communication on Climate Change

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Winning the climate debate: I wish it were so simple!

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  1. As any good frog worthy of the name might be tempted to do, I would like to leap-frog to the bottom of the chart to: "So what do we do then"? Well, that's another flowchart !

    So returning to the top for a minute maybe that "goose stepping Trotskyite Al Gore" or some of the folks in his private army could quickly draw up that "other flowchart" and then we all could simply just march forward on the implementation path goose stepping?

    (Goose stepping has been known to build up the leg muscles and in case one is grotesquely obese is guaranteed to produce weight loss and improve general health and also increase life expectancy. So in the U.S. in particular this would kill two birds with one stone and also significantly lower the cost of "Obamacare".

    Over to you BIG AL !

  2. The problem is with the question itself: "Do you believe?". This is not a religious debate it is a scientific question.

    Then the false claims, like saying that 2010 and 2005 are the warmest years on record, when both satellite and station data concur it was 1998. Or saying there was no "wrong doing" by the CRU, when the source code is published on the internet for everyone to see. And on with ad hominem and authority arguments.

    There's no way this discussion can be "own" if it is based on religion instead of science.