Strategies of Communication on Climate Change

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Yes, Gaia can!

(Mauritius island, April 1, 2013. Notice that, miraculously, it mentions climate change as the cause of the disaster)


  1. And maybe even more shockingly, also CNN can - see the video!


  2. Yes, and of course the people of Mauritius have had NOTHING to do with bringing on climate change. Meanwhile huge floods also hit in Toronto Canada also flooding the metro system and YES CBC (instead of CNN) is showing those too on this other video:

    Will the people of Toronto and of Canada all immediately connect the dots and rebel at their government's Canadian Tar Sands development plans and policies? (which undoubtedly WILL add to climate change)

    Regrettably I seriously doubt it ! Learning seems to keep happening VERY VERY VERY SLOWLY . (but why be in a hurry anyway?.....a disaster video a day (or two or three) can keep the doctor away?) (though it should probably automatically dial the telephone number of the nearest shrink to administer a personal cure for any cognitive dissonance that may be taking place in the minds of denialists and also of more run of the mill complacency and ostrich-syndrome sufferers)