Strategies of Communication on Climate Change

Friday, December 20, 2013

Climate change communication: why do we keep making the same mistakes?

We should know, by now, that what we have been doing in climate communication just doesn't work; we aren't getting anywhere. We need to think of something new, more effective.

Here, Joe Brewer, research director for Culture2 Inc., does just that, presenting some ideas based on the concept of "meme". The task we face is not going to be easy, but if don't try new methods, we are not going to succeed.

1 comment:

  1. How about this article and its three simple numbers? Can it be of any help in "improving climate communications"?

    Regrettably the article ends like this:

    "We weren't looking for students (and one could say "people" here too) to take sides. But we did want them to recognize the urgency of activism. Maria wrote: “The three scary numbers are very scary. What scares me the most is how well this information is known without any action.”

    And this too probably would not work because it is "not nice" ?

    Back to the memes drawing board?

    Or maybe we could try this one too?

    Or how about burning to death in a fire caused by drought or drowning in a flood? That won't work either?

    O.K. I give up !