Strategies of Communication on Climate Change

Friday, December 13, 2013

The most boring climate video in history

I found it on "" with the caption "If this scares you as much as it scares me, share this far and wide." Scared? After 2 minutes, I was already asleep.

(do not misunderstand me, I appreciate the effort and the aims of this video, but we should be able to do something much better if we want to get the message through)


  1. I am completely frightened that any responsible party still buys into a 2C/250Gt narrative as amounting to anything like safety.

    And perhaps we might consider speaking in alarmed tones if we actually think there's a big problem? Scientists are not by their nature shouty people, but they need to learn.

  2. Probably too boring for the average layperson, true.
    But balanced and seemingly scientifically sound.
    I know I may be in the minority here, but I still prefer this type of report to the all-too-common exaggerations (on both sides) and escalating struggle for ever-increasing sensationalism.
    That too get boring pretty quickly.