Strategies of Communication on Climate Change

About this blog

Telling the truth is not enough

This is a blog dedicated to communication in climate change. 

We are a group of concerned people who believe that the risks involved with climate change are clear enough that it is time to act.

So far, however, the task of communicating the urgency of the climate problem has not been successful. Telling the truth turned out not to be enough to spur people into action. We need to do way better.

This is what we want to discuss in this blog. We need to learn how to communicate. It means to learn how to tell the truth on climate in a way that doesn't scare people  but, on the contrary, stimulates them to action. It is possible, but we need to do it right.

We chose the image of the boiling frog as a reminder of the human situation on planet Earth. We hope it is to be intended as meaning that we are (or should be) more intelligent than frogs. We can still jump out!


  1. Why your frog analogy does not work -

  2. Well intentioned paper, Peter, thanks for citing it. Honestly, however, it seems to me completely wrong. But there are many ways of skinning a frog.....