Strategies of Communication on Climate Change

Resources on communication

Documentation available on the Web

- Probably the most comprehensive study on communication and risk management in climate change is the paper by Peter Sandman titled "Climate Change Risk Communication: The Problem of Psychological Denial". It is truly a mine of information on how to handle denial and pass the message.

- An excellent set of ideas and methods for the general problem of sustainability is the "The Transition Handbook". It can be bought at on-line bookstores or downloaded at this link. The "Transition Town Movement" does everything right from the beginning. They propose a complete human transition based on the progression from brain-heart-hands.

- "The Authoritarians" a book by Bob Altemeyer. It is not related to the climate debate, but it describes a kind of human personality, the "Right Wing Authoritarian" that can be recognized as rather typical of people most active in denial


Blogs and sites dealing with climate communication.

There are several excellent blogs dedicated to debunking the lies and the legends on climate that are diffused in the Web. Among these, for instance, the "DeSmog Blog", specifically dedicate to watching corporate PR campaigns against climate science and climate scientists. The "Climate Crock of the Week" blog, kept by Peter Sinclair, is also dedicated to watching the most prominent denialists, professionals and amateurs.

Fewer blogs and sites are dedicated to the opposite side of the question: that is, how to communicate the essence of climate science without paying attention to the noise of deniers? This subject used to be ignored, but it seems that the interest on it is rapidly growing. We can list several interesting links to sites specifically dedicated to communication as:

"Center for Climate Change Communication" by Yale University
"Climate Outreach".
"Talking climate"
"Climate Interactive"

Other blogs and sites are not specifically dedicated to communication on climate change, but they do treat the subject. One is in "Planet 3.0" kept by Michael Tobis. An interesting blog dedicated to communication about sustainability is "Myths that thwart sustainability" even though not specifically dedicated to climate change. A recent entry in this field is the site "Citizens Climate Lobby".


This page is constantly updated. If you like to add further resources, please contact Ugo Bardi (ugo.bardi(littlewhirlything) h/t Alexander Ac and Justin of "The Rational Pessimist"


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