Strategies of Communication on Climate Change

Authors and supporters

Ugo Bardi. I am not a specialist in climate, but I studied the matter the best I could and I thought it was a task for me as a scientist to intervene in the debate; something I did manly with my blog "Cassandra's Legacy". As you may imagine, I was vilified, insulted, ridiculed, harassed, threatened and a few things more. So, I thought I hadn't studied enough; but not about climate science. I had not studied enough about how to communicate climate science. I have been working at that and one of the results is this blog. It is a work in progress and I hope that we can all learn more on this subject as we move on.

Alexander Ač. I have an MSc degree in Environmental ecology and a PhD degree in Applied Ecology (Application of remote sensing in plant ecophysiology). Currently, I work at the Global Change Research Centre AS CR in the Czech Republic at a post-doctoral position. In my free time I run a blog related to climate change, peak oil, and limits to growth in general.

Lucas Durand. I have an undergraduate education in Geography and my career was in the aviation industry first as a commercial pilot and now as an air traffic controller. I spend my spare time homesteading with my  family in the near-boreal countryside of Northwest Ontario, Canada."

Toufic El Asmar. I have a PhD from the University of Florence, Italy, and I am a specialist in climate change mitigation in agriculture. It is a subject that I pursue as a consultant for the Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) in Rom, Italy.

Philip Harris. I am a retired plant scientist based near the Scottish border in the UK. I have worked for government agencies in such areas as food safety and plant quarantine and disease diagnostics, and on risk identification and risk assessment.From 1997 to 2006 I worked for the EU on 'capability-building science projects in ex-communist countries of Europe.

Max Iacono. I hold a B.S. from MIT in Chemical Engineering and a PhD in Organizational Psychology from the University of Michigan. My career has been in human resources and institutional development with several U.S. multinationals, consultancy firms, the World Bank and the International Labour Organization.

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