Strategies of Communication on Climate Change

Friday, May 24, 2013

Climate change: reframing the issue

This video by Ryan Cooper is a very simple, but it goes to the heart of the problem. If we consider climate change as an environmental issue, nothing will be done. People just won't make sacrifices for the sake of an entity called "the environment" which has no face and no shape.

But if we reframe the question as a security issue: then it is our issue - it is everyone's issue. It is a problem for real people, not for abstract entities. Then we can move and do something - we must move and do something.

If you think about that, this is exactly the point that Ian Dunlop makes and that was described in a previous post on the Frog Blog. It is an issue that needs an "emergency war footing". It seems that more and more people are coming to see the problem in these terms. It may well be the only remaining chance we have.

h/t EcoEquity

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