Strategies of Communication on Climate Change

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Ken Cuccinelli defeated in Virginia. A victory for science

Ken Cuccinelli, conceded defeat today in Virginia governor's race. One of the reasons for Cuccinelli's failure is certainly his denialist stance on climate. Among other things, as Virgina's attorney general, he had engaged in an illegal witch hunt that singled out University of Virginia climate scientist Michael Mann as target. But Mann refused to be intimidated and fought back and he recounts his experience as target of a political smear campaign in the book titled "The Hockey Stick and the Climate Wars." In a sense, Cuccinelli's defeat is Mann's victory.

A detailed analysis of the reasons for Cuccinelli's defeat can be found on "thinkprogress." It is clear, in any case, that extreme positions on climate and other issues can backfire and become a liability - as they did for Cuccinelli. So, the results in Virginia can be seen as an indication that something is changing in the political climate in the United States. Climate denialism is still strong in many sectors, but it may be in gradual decline. 


  1. Things may well be changing but not as quickly as our environment.
    Far too little, far too late.

  2. What I find discouraging are: that Cuccinelli's campaign was heavily outspent; and that the election was so close.

    "Poderoso caballero
    es don Dinero." Francisco de Quevedo

    Anyway, let us be grateful that this loathsome scoundrel was defeated.

    David Collins